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Amnesty International is calling on the international community to ensure there is adequate and sustained funding for humanitarian appeals for Syria, and to support the main host countries to enable them to keep their borders open and provide adequate protection and assistance to refugees.

Our Mission

The Syrian Association in Wales brings Syrians together to help them rebuild their lives and provides opportunities for them to integrate and contribute to their new lives in Wales.  We need your help in the form of financial donations to ensure that people can set up their lives whether they are accessing ESOL classes, bridging courses so that they can use their overseas qualifications and skills, organizing community events that foster integration and cohesion.

As we grow and develop, we will share with you the positive impacts that the Syrian Association in Wales has on local communities and Wales as a whole.  In addition we will be posting case studies, videos, and photos to give you a better idea of how your donations are greatly assisting Syrians in Wales.

Syrian refugees: A shared responsibility
”It is very important that European countries all over the continent keep their borders open and [provide] adequate assistance.”
UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres, 22 November 2013.
— Amnesty International


  • To the international community including the EU and its member states, the US, Australia, Canada, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and other countries able to provide support.
  • Share responsibility for refugees from Syria more equally, in particular through significantly increasing the number of resettlement and humanitarian admission places, over and above annual resettlement quotas.
  • Ensure that the UN humanitarian appeals for Syria are fully and sustainably funded.
  • Support countries faced with large influxes of refugees from Syria to enable them to cope with the pressure on their infrastructure and provide essential services to refugees, including adequate health care, housing, and food.

      To EU member states and the EU

  • Strengthen search and rescue capacity in the Mediterranean to identify boats in distress and assist those on board.
  • Ensure that those rescued are treated with dignity and that their human rights – including the right to seek asylum – are fully respected.
  • Ensure the end of unlawful push-back operations that deny refugees and migrants their rights, particularly on the Greece/Turkish border.

    To all countries receiving refugees from Syria

  • Automatically provide all people fleeing Syria, including Palestinian refugees who were resident in Syria, with a status giving them international protection.
  • Facilitate family reunification for refugees from Syria including by applying flexible criteria to take into account the nature and needs of different families.