Celebrating pupils’ achievements and success

Many pupils from the Hawthorn's secondary school were honoured for their achievements during an awards ceremony at the Hawthorn's  school last night on Thursday 23rd Nov 17.

The children and young people received certificates from the Council’s school for their high academic achievements, good progress in their studies and other contributions to school life, including sports, arts and supporting others at the event on Thursday(23/11/2017).

Some of the children and young people at the Hawthorn's event are recent arrivals in the country and face challenges adjusting to a new language and culture as well as settling in at school and keeping up with their studies. Despite this, many have made good progress at school and achieved amazing results.

Among them is Nisrine Al Maghribi, now in year 11, who is studying maths, physics, Humanities, geography Science, Welsh Baccalaureate, English etc. 

Many Congratulations and best of luck from the Syrian Association in Wales.


Talented Syrian Footballer

Rakan AL Raees ( Rak) : Is a young talented footballer, a super striker who is very skilled with a football. He is also a good dancer and singer who recently sang in front of the first Minister at the Eisteddfod. He has only been in the UK for five months and will be celebrating his 9th Birthday in September. You have to meet this very special 8 year old.

Rakan is 3D Pencil drawers. He can produce a wide variety of multicolored and monochromatic art drawing in a number of styles categories.