Making Wales a Welcoming and Prosperous Nation / Gwneud Cymru yn Genedl Groesawgar a Ffyniannus

14th April, The Catrin Finch Centre, Glyndwr University

Chairs: Ron Keating, Ferass Nadde : (The CEO & Founder of the Syrian Association of Wales SAIW ) , Tracey Day.

Timekeeper: Noemi Santos


1. Ken Skates, Welsh Labour

2. Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrats

3. Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid Cymru – the party of Wales

4. Duncan Rees, Wales Green Party

5. Mark Isherwood, Welsh Conservatives


Stewards: Ines Santos, Sylvia Partington, Sue Williams.

Signing in: Helen Still, Menna Davies, Val Williams.

Meeting & greeting candidates: Yvonne Pryce, Catrin Richards, Katie Wilkinson.

Stalls: Leanne Davies (HNH), Arfana Ali (TCC),

Drinks: Eulina Harper, Marlene Griffiths.

Collecting questions: Katie Wilkinson, Arfana Ali, Dave Salisbury.

Sorting questions: Kay Polley, Tom Godwin, Jennie Hurd.

PowerPoint: Sue Williams

Photos: Kay Polley

Social media: Everyone!

.@AledRoberts2016 - Welsh Liberal Democrats have committed to the #LivingWage in the public sector.

.@DuncanRees3 commenting on the male all white panel tonight & need for more diversity in politics.

.@mabonapgwynfor facing the red light as he answers whether Plaid Cymru will support a destitution fund.

.@MarkIsherwoodAM - we can do more to encourage reporting of #hatecrime.

Mabon ap Gwynfor ‏@mabonapgwynfor

admits that Labour's not-yet-published manifesto is not costed: "We'll see how much money comes in" (re north Wales Metro).