The truth from douma

Staged suffering? Interview with boy in Douma video raises more doubts over ‘chemical attack'

The boy portrayed as a ‘victim’ in a video of the alleged chemical attack in Douma has told a Russian TV crew that he was asked to go to hospital, where people “grabbed” him and started “pouring water” over his head.


Why is teaching English and ESOL Classes to the Syrian Refugees and none Syrian important ?


Syria is Our Homeland



The Syrian analytical institute of webcasting aims to strengthening ties among members of the Syrian Community in the UK, supporting the interests of this Community, and promoting its cultural and social profile within the local Communities.


World Cup qualifying: Syria beat Qatar to keep hopes alive

Syria earned a vital 3-1 win against Qatar to keep alive their hopes of qualifying for a first ever World Cup


Goals &objectives

The Syrian analytical institute of webcasting is here to represent the different ethnic backgrounds we are a multi-faith association. Our goal is to bring Syrians together under one umbrella in Wales to help people to integrate into the Welsh society.


talented syrian footballer

You don't run AWAY from challenges. You run OVER them!
unfortunately we lost greatfully against Merthyr Tydfil 7_1 in a friendly match this evening.